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Review of Where You At by Raymond Bradley

    A feel good track from Raymond Bradley Our Rating: 3/5 Listen here:

New Reviews: V, Kanti Chant, REALCITYFAME, and Richard McIntosh


No Church on Sunday - V

No Church on Sunday by V

"This isn't rap, it's a Revolution", XLM+ Presents V of 40M! Born in the heart of Philadelphia - built in the dark trenches of the Carolinas, V aka the "Big M" embodies the belly of Black America while proudly representing the 40M camp and his people abroad.. Armed with dangerous punchlines and a "bop gifted by the Gods", the message of Black power is clear.. His trailblazing debut, No Church On Sunday, has been running it up since it release in late August.. Featured by Last Day Deaf, InSpot, NeonMusic, the Hollywood6, JussRuss, etc.. No Church on Sunday has done over 250K streams and counting followed by his latest release, Inferno, which is on par to do even bigger numbers since its release on "Election Day".. One thing is for sure.. With an introduction like this there's no question, XLM+ and V of 40M are taking the culture by firestorm!

Genre: Rap

Review: 4/5

Now - Kanti Chant

Genre: Pop

Kanti Chant is a music protegee from Williamsburg, VA.

Review: 4/5

White Cathedral - REALCITYFAME

White Cathedral by REALCITYFAME

Genre: Rap

Born and Raised in Montreal, Canada. Grew up in the South West heart of the city, Downtown, Little Burgundy.

REALCITYFAME has been inspired by Music since the age of 6. First inspirations were Kriss Kross & Bone Thugs & Harmony. As music developed and times moved forward, REALCITYFAME had been inspired by decades of new Music through different Eras from No Limit Records, Bad Boy Records, Ruff Ryders, Roc-a-Fella Records, The Diplomats, G-Unit and Terror Squad, to more recently newer waves of music with artists such as JAY Z, Meek Mill, Nipsey Hussle, Drake & many more.

At the young age of 19-20, REALCITYFAME had performed live on several Canada wide tours back in ‘2009-‘2010 along side Artists Karl Wolf, and got the opportunity share the same stage with artists such as AKON, Sean Kingston, Danny Fernandez, Kardinal Official, Classified and more. He then went on to sign with an Independent Montreal Based Record Label “HUSTLE CARTEL”, with whom he then was featured on 2 Mixtapes, and also released several music videos, one of which featured on Canada’s #1 Urban Music TV Station MUCHVIBE.
Putting his focus more on creating music and delivering solid bodies of work, REALCITYFAME is dedicating more and more of his time to learning about the music industry as an independent artist and recording new songs regularly.

Review: 3.5/5

Aldebaran - Richard McIntosh

Genre: Soundtrack

Richard McIntosh is a musician and composer living and breathing in Quebec City, Canada.

Review: 4.5/5


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